FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who should use this custom meal planner?
  2. My questions isn't listed here, how can I get it answered?
  3. Why am I forced to choose a vegetable for nearly every meal?  I hate vegetables!
  4. Why can't I find my favorite food in the lists?
  5. Why isn't the software giving me the choice of meat I want?  I like the cheap hamburger with 30% fat!
  6. Should I bulk or cut?
  7. All the keto website recommend bacon, why isn't that an option?
  8. IIFYM.  Why can't I choose the macros I wanted like I could in your previous meal planners?
  9. Who made this tool?
  10. Did medical professionals design this?
  11. My Brother/Mom/Friend needs to lose weight and get into shape, how can I help them?
  12. Why don't you let us choose cheese, bacon, lunch meats, and butter in low carb and keto nutritional plans?


  1. Who should use this custom meal planner? This tool is not for everyone. This tool is for those who are serious about achieving their fitness/athletic goals and improving their health. As with everything in life, you can't get something for nothing and this is no exception. Most of us would eat cookies, french fries, and cheeseburgers and drink beer if doing so would let us become muscular, ripped, and healthy but it just isnt possible. If you don't want to achieve your fitness goals bad enough then this tool will waste your time because you will not be willing to make the required nutritional sacrifices. There are no mouth watering meals here. Using this meal planner will require that you become accustomed to eating unprocessed foods and enjoying their natural flavors.
  2. My questions isn't listed here, how can I get it answered? Great question! See want one on one help?
  3. Why am I forced to choose a vegetable for nearly every meal?  I hate vegetables! Because they are important to your health and fitness and quite honestly, I don't care what you like.  If you don't want to eat vegetables then use someone else's meal planner.  If you want to maximize your fitness progress and your health then you cant eat the scrumptious foods that everyone else around you eats.  To gain muscle, get leaner, and get more healthy you have to eat unprocessed foods and include lots of vegetables and some fruits.  With the low-carb diets, the vegetables are even *more* important because you are not getting the fiber from whole grains that people on the medium-carb nutritional plan do.  If you eat like the average American then you will *look* like the average American!  I don't believe that the vitamins found in pills have nearly the beneficial effects of vitamins found in their natural state nor is the fiber found in a Metamucil bottle as good as the fiber found in real roughage.  Not only that, eating low calorie density vegetables like I suggest in this meal planner is one of the easiest ways to lower your caloric intake without feeling hungry.  Alles Klar?
  4. Why can't I find my favorite food in the lists? The most likely reason is that because its not a good nutritional choice for you!  I only display choices that make sense for YOU.  If you say you are cutting, I am not going to let you choose starchy carbs like sweet potatoes, corn, and bread.  If you say you cutting I wont give you fruit at every meal, just one or two.  I wont list "beef" as a protein source if you say you are a vegan.  My food database is a lot bigger than it appears, its just that I will only present foods that make sense for YOU.
  5. Why isn't the software giving me the choice of meat I want?  I like the cheap hamburger with 30% fat!  Great question.  I am fine with people being on high fat diets and you will notice that if you choose the low-carb or keto meal planners it will give you up to 70% fat.  High fat diets *can* be healthy, especially when they are put together like I do here with lots of vegetables that have low net carbs.  My issue is that I firmly believe that fats from animal sources need to be limited.  The big issue, at least in USA, is that our poultry and dairy mega-conglomerates pump out these products and the bean-counters make the rules - anything to increase profits by a penny. Beef, dairy and poultry products are the most pesticide contaminated food sources in America. More pesticides, more antibiotic shots, more hormone injections, more cross breeding.  The beef eaten two hundred years ago bears no resemblance to the nasty product showing up on our shelves today.  Yes, grass fed, free range beef *is* much better but most people don't eat that - they eat the nasty cheap stuff.  So it may seem odd to you that when you are on a high fat diet I make you choose a lean cut of meat and then add additional fat back in from things like nuts, and avocados but that is why.  There is plenty of animal sourced fats being consumed even from the lean cuts of meat that I feel the rest should be from plant sources.  Never put all your nutritional eggs in one basket, spread them around.  That goes for protein sources, fat sources, and carb sources.
  6. Should I bulk or cut?  Should I cut and then bulk or bulk more then cut?  First, people get the wrong idea.  You don't gain more muscle by eating a lot of food, if it were that easy then we would have a world full of Arnold Schwarzeneggers rather than all the clinically obese people that we see!  When you eat a lot of food, you get fat - period.  OK, along with that fat you gain a tiny bit more of muscle but not much and not everyone benefits from bulking.  Its main very advanced bodybuilders, that is, those who have lifted more than 5 years intensely without pause and are nearly their genetic max that benefit from bulking.  Its also those who are under 7% bodyfat that benefit from bulking because they just don't have any fat reserves. If neither of those cases describe you then you have to ask yourself if its worth all the agony of cutting to gain a tiny bit more of muscle.   Many beginners and intermediates have no trouble gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time, its what programs like P90X and my boot camp prep programs are designed to do.  Another name for this is "recompositioning", or eating at your TDEE so that your weight does not change but you add muscle at the same rate that you are  losing fat.
  7. All the keto website recommend bacon, why isn't that an option? Great question!  Just because something will help you lose weight does NOT mean it is healthy for you!  Technically speaking, all the packages lunch and breakfast meats are perfect for low-carb and keto nutrition plans but read the list of ingredients!  They are nutritional, chemical garbage.  Not even our dogs should be eating this stuff.
  8. IIFYM.  Why can't I choose the macros I wanted like I could in your previous meal planners? Another great question.  In my opinion, people get WAY too wound up about macros and the quality of the food eaten is far more important than its macro percentages. The software needs a lot of leeway in macro percentages to design optimal meals.  What I do offer you is basic choices - low-carb and keto which are generally used for cutting and medium carb which can be used for cutting but is more often used for bulking.   I believe that setting a protein percentage makes no sense, what is important is how many grams of quality protein you are getting in relation to your bodyweight.  The percentage of protein is irrelevant and its thrown off by cardio.  People forget that when you do cardio ... you eat more.  A 180 pound bodybuilder who does 6 hours of cardio a week with 30% protein is getting twice the protein of the same bodybuilder who does no cardio.  There is no reason at all the bodybuilder doing cardio needs twice as much protein, they are simply wasting money eating expensive protein and denying their body the vitamins, anti-oxidants, fiber, and minerals that they could be getting from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  So what my AI algorithm does is first look at the protein required by the athlete then based upon their goals, decide how best to allocate the fat and carbs.  If you want to design a meal based upon specific macros then you probably are a professional competing bodybuilder and you should just design your own meals rather than using my tool. Most people are concerned about carbs. To give you a general idea what the various nutrition types give you in terms of carbs, here are approximate numbers for a 180 pound guy cutting with a 25% caloric deficit:
    Nutrition PlanCarbs/dayNet Carbs/day
    Low Carb117g60g
    Medium Carb208g143g
  9. Who made this tool? Me, Scooby Werkstatt.  I am an engineer and this is the stuff that I absolutely love doing.  Its the reason I retired so I could do things that I knew were important and would directly help people far more than Wall Street listed fortune 500 companies whose only job is to make money for people who already have too much.  The month I was working on this tool I was so excited that when I would wake up at 2am to pee, as us old folks do all the time, there was no way I could get back to sleep because my mind started racing with all the new features I wanted to add.  The month I was working on this tool, I probably got less than 5 hours sleep a night on average and worked over 14 hours.   This is a work of passion, not a paycheck.  To be completely honest, the reason that I wanted it the most was that so I could use it myself.  I have all the old meal planners on scoobysworkshop but they don't give you a choice of foods.  Given that I am doing my first men's physique contest, I have very specific nutritional needs and I wanted software that would assist me to quickly plan my meals for the next day and I wanted it to work on my iPhone so I could do it in bed before going to sleep.  That way, when I wake up the next day I would know exactly what I would be eating.
  10. Did medical professionals design this?  No, I designed it, see #9.  I am an engineer and athlete of 30 years, not a medical professional.  I have no medical training, no personal training credentials, nor any nutrition credentials.  None whatsoever.  In making your meal plan here you have agreed to discuss the meal plan with your doctor before using it, I am serious.  I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be.  If you have diseases or medical conditions then you have no business getting *any* nutritional information off the internet - you should be working with your doctors!
  11. My Brother/Mom/Friend needs to lose weight and get into shape, how can I help them? Another excellent question! Lets start with the wrong way to do this, shaming. Telling them they have no willpower or telling them that they are lazy might make you feel better but it will only serve to drive them to darker depths. Giving them a guilt trip by telling them what they *should* do wont help either. The best way to help others is to lead by example. If they see you getting leaner and stronger and if they also see that its thru hard work and good nutrition, their eyes will start to open. They will realize that its not so much that you have "good genetics" but that you work hard at it. Wait for them to come to you and ask for help rather than forcing the workout/nutrition issue upon them. A great way to do this is to make occasional posts about your workouts and your meals. "Had to skip Bloodline tonight so I could get in my 5k run" sends a great message. You worked out and you had to sacrifice something without hitting your friends over the head with it. This meal planner is another great way to show that you were not born with 6-pack abs. Go ahead and post your meal plan for the day to facebook. If you have included a link to your photo and included your first name then it will show up on Facebook as "Bill's Meal Plan" with your photo ... if your name is Bill anyway. Its a great way to show that you dont have a "fast metabolism" but rather that you are very careful about what you eat and it also provides a talking point should they become interested. Hope that helps.
  12. Why don't you let us choose cheese, bacon, lunch meats, and butter in low carb and keto nutritional plans? Excellent question! There have been a lot of questions about "what is wrong with bacon/butter/spam/etc".  Well, remember I said that this meal planner only lets you choose foods I believe to be healthy? Well, I dont consider these healthy and here is why. You might be surprised to find that butter is the #2 worst pesticide contaminated food source in America - thats whats wrong with butter.  Most pesticides are fat soluble which means the pesticide tainted grain the cows eat is more likely to end up in butter and cheese than in the nonfat milk.  That is also the reason I do not like cheese as a fat source in keto and low carb diets. What about organic products you ask? Those are fine but the problem is, if I include those people will just ignore the "organic" part and buy whatever. Because the dairy food chain is so contaminated in America, I cannot in a clear concience tell people to consume significant amounts of their calories from dairy fat or beef fat. So what about the hot dogs, bacon, sausage, spam, and lunchmeats?  Read the ingredients list!  Anything pickled in unpronounceable chemicals and extruded in round or square shape is NOT healthy.