Want one on one help with your meal planning?

First, please check out the FAQ and see if your questions is answered there.  I will work hard to keep it updated with all the questions that people have asked. If you have basic questions about fitness nutrition or working out then please check out If you still want one on one help with your meal plan then join sweat4health and I will personally answer your questions there.

People balk at the idea of paying for things in this era of the internet, as well they should! All my fitness tools are free, both at scoobysworkshop and here at  Why?  Because I think everyone should have access to the information to make them lean, muscular, fast, and healthy regardless of their economic status.  Its a basic right of anyone in any country as far as I am concerned, and since its not taught in schools, I provide it myself. When it comes to personal coaching and advice though, I only do that at sweat4health. I only have so many hours in a day and I dont want to waste my time giving advice to people who are not serious. What I find is that even charging the equivelent of just one cup of Starbucks coffee a month is enough to make sure people are serious. This meal planner is one of the last great bargains. You find a lot of IFBB and NPC pros who will design you a custom meal plan, but they charge from $30 to $100.  The thing is a lot of these purchased plans are not much better than the mimeographed sheets that they used to sell thru mail order 25 years ago. You could also hire a nutritionist to design a meal plan for you but that will cost you around a thousand dollars. This custom meal planner is not only the best, its FREE, and if you want personal consultations for the price of a cup of coffee, thats also one of the best bargains around.

Remember though, I am not a medical professional, I am not a personal trainer, and I am not a dietician.  I am simply an athlete with lots of experience.  If you have medical issues then your doctor is the one who should be working with you on your nutrition, not someone on the internet!