Top 100 Best Bodybuilding Foods

Here are the top 100 foods for building muscle and building strength at the maximum possible rate. These are not fads nor are they newly discovered 'superfoods' from the Amazon either - just good, healthy foods chock full of protein, vitimans, fiber, essential fatty acids, and anti-oxidants necessary for muscle growth. These are the best foods for bodybuilders, strength trainers, athletes, and those wanting to lose weight while getting stronger. only uses foods from this list!

You will notice that these foods are either unprocessed or only minimally processed and there is a good reason for that. The least processed foods are not only best for building muscle but also the healthiest for you. Most foods in this list are unprocessed but some are minimally processed - for example, tofu and seitan. Vegans have very few protein options so I felt I needed to include those items in the top 100 list. Similarly, despite the fact that I am not a big fan of beef jerky because of its salt content, some people must have non-perishable protein because they have no refrigeration nor meal preparation facilities during the day.

Here are the top 100 best foods for bodybuilders, strength trainers, athletes and people wanting to improve their health:

vegetables, mixed, green beans, peas, carrots, corn   (click for info)Vegetable
beans, green frozen   (click for info)Vegetable
pepper, bell, sweet, chopped   (click for info)Vegetable
spinach, fresh leaves   (click for info)Vegetable
asparagus spears, fresh   (click for info)Vegetable
cucumbers with peels, fresh   (click for info)Vegetable
kale, boiled   (click for info)Vegetable
broccoli   (click for info)Vegetable
chia seeds   (click for info)Vegetable
flaxseed, ground   (click for info)Vegetable
cauliflower   (click for info)Vegetable
brussel sprouts   (click for info)Vegetable
carrots, raw   (click for info)Vegetable
cabbage   (click for info)Vegetable
tomato   (click for info)Vegetable
celery, raw   (click for info)Vegetable
squash, winter, acorn, baked   (click for info)Vegetable
spinach, boiled   (click for info)Vegetable
peas, frozen   (click for info)Vegetable
chicken breast, boneless, skinless   (click for info)Protein
beef, ground, 5 percent fat   (click for info)Protein
turkey, ground, grilled   (click for info)Protein
egg, whole, jumbo   (click for info)Protein
egg white, large   (click for info)Protein
salmon, grilled   (click for info)Protein
tilapia, grilled   (click for info)Protein
tuna, canned, white, water pack   (click for info)Protein
greek yogurt, nonfat   (click for info)Protein
quark, nonfat   (click for info)Protein
whey protein powder, unflavored   (click for info)Protein
protein powder, soy   (click for info)Protein
beans, pinto   (click for info)Protein
beans, black   (click for info)Protein
lentils   (click for info)Protein
soy milk, nonfat, plain   (click for info)Protein
milk, nonfat   (click for info)Protein
milk, whole   (click for info)Protein
cottage cheese, nonfat   (click for info)Protein
beef, ground, 30 percent fat   (click for info)Protein
hemp protein powder   (click for info)Protein
cod, grilled    (click for info)Protein
flounder, grilled   (click for info)Protein
sole, grilled   (click for info)Protein
trout, grilled   (click for info)Protein
jerky, beef, dried   (click for info)Protein
pea protein powder, unflavored   (click for info)Protein
rice, brown, protein powder   (click for info)Protein
beef, top sirloin, choice, fat removed   (click for info)Protein
pork, boneless, fat removed   (click for info)Protein
lamb, boneless, fat removed   (click for info)Protein
chicken, thigh, boneless, skinless   (click for info)Protein
basa, boneless, skinless   (click for info)Protein
turkey breast, roasted, boneless, skinless   (click for info)Protein
seitan   (click for info)Protein
tofu, lite, firm   (click for info)Protein
spaghetti, edamame, organic   (click for info)Protein
spaghetti, black bean, organic   (click for info)Protein
salmon, smoked, boneless, skinless   (click for info)Protein
defatted peanut flour   (click for info)Protein
yeast, nutritional   (click for info)Protein
milk, nonfat, dry   (click for info)Protein
beans, garbonzo   (click for info)Protein
strawberries   (click for info)Fruit
peach, 1 large   (click for info)Fruit
apple, 1 large   (click for info)Fruit
orange, 1 large   (click for info)Fruit
banana, 1 large   (click for info)Fruit
grapes   (click for info)Fruit
blueberries, fresh   (click for info)Fruit
blueberries, dried   (click for info)Fruit
raisins, organic   (click for info)Fruit
Apricots, dried, organic   (click for info)Fruit
cherries, dried   (click for info)Fruit
Goji berries, dried   (click for info)Fruit
olives, green pickled   (click for info)Good Fat
olives, canned black    (click for info)Good Fat
avocado   (click for info)Good Fat
almonds, dry roasted    (click for info)Good Fat
nuts, dry roasted, mixed, without peanuts   (click for info)Good Fat
peanuts, dry roasted, without salt   (click for info)Good Fat
peanut butter, natural   (click for info)Good Fat
almond butter   (click for info)Good Fat
olive oil   (click for info)Good Fat
egg, whole, jumbo   (click for info)Good Fat
coconut oil   (click for info)Good Fat
chia seeds   (click for info)Good Fat
flaxseed, ground   (click for info)Good Fat
sunflower seed kernels, dried   (click for info)Good Fat
walnuts, dried   (click for info)Good Fat
defatted peanut flour   (click for info)Good Fat
hemp, hearts   (click for info)Good Fat
chia seeds   (click for info)Omega 3 Source
flaxseed, ground   (click for info)Omega 3 Source
flaxseed oil   (click for info)Omega 3 Source
fish oil, cod liver   (click for info)Omega 3 Source
fish oil, sardine   (click for info)Omega 3 Source
potato, sweet, baked   (click for info)Complex Carbohydrate
oats, rolled   (click for info)Complex Carbohydrate
shredded wheat, plain   (click for info)Complex Carbohydrate
quinoa   (click for info)Complex Carbohydrate
rice, brown   (click for info)Complex Carbohydrate
lentils   (click for info)Complex Carbohydrate
bread, 100 percent whole wheat, 1 slice   (click for info)Complex Carbohydrate
beans, pinto   (click for info)Complex Carbohydrate
beans, black   (click for info)Complex Carbohydrate
corn, frozen whole kernel   (click for info)Complex Carbohydrate
wheetabix, plain   (click for info)Complex Carbohydrate
Cheerios, plain   (click for info)Complex Carbohydrate
wheat bran   (click for info)Complex Carbohydrate
oat bran   (click for info)Complex Carbohydrate
yeast, nutritional   (click for info)Complex Carbohydrate
beans, garbonzo   (click for info)Complex Carbohydrate