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custom Fat Carb Cycling (FCC) bodybuilding meal plan

Fat-Carb Cycling (FCC)

I believe we are the first to present this nutritional type that is well suited to fat loss diets. Recent research has shown that eating fat separate from carbs has huge advantages when it comes to losing fat. First of all, fat-carb cycling is not to be confused with carb cycling. Carb cycling is varying the carbs gradually from day to day in a 3-4 day cycle, it is a form of low carb. Fat-carb cycling is alternating high carb, low fat meals with high carb, low fat meals. Read on to see why this rather odd seeming approach actually makes a lot of sense.

Fat Carb Research

Supra-Additive Effects of Combining Fat and Carbohydrate on Food Reward: The combination of fat and carbs together in foods seems to cause the consumption of more calories.

A satiety index of common foods: This research basically tested how hungry people were 2 hours after eating 240 calories worth of various foods. White bread was defined to be 100%, here are some of the top hunger satisfying foods according to the paper - most of these foods satisfy hunger 2-3 times better than white bread does:

  • Potatoes 323%
  • Fish 225%
  • Oatmeal 209%
  • Oranges 202%
  • Apples 197%
  • Beef 176%
  • Beans 168%
  • Eggs 150%
  • Cheese 146%
If we combine the findings of these two research papers we get the Fat Carb Cycling (FCC) Diet. The first paper suggests that separating the fat and carbs is a good thing. The second tells us what kind of carbs we should be using. Of course, the list of carbs in the second paper is no surprise. For years now people have known that its not carbs that are bad per se but highly processed carbs that are the problem - thats why white bread is 3x worse at satisfying hunger than the above items.

Logic behind Fat Carb Cycling (FCC) Diets

Low carb and keto (ultra low carb) diets are very effective for many people in fat loss. These types of diets do a really good job of eliminating hunger even when you are at a caloric deficit. The problem is two-fold with these nutritional types. The first is that when people use them for fat loss, they usually find all the fat comes back once they go back to eating normally. The other problem is that for them to work requires incredible nutritional discipline. You simply cannot have "just a little" cake at a birthday party or wedding. Its all or nothing. Thats why fat carb cycling is so exciting. Its a way of managing hunger without having to give up either fat or carbs - you just need to eat them separately! It also makes the transition back to the real world easier because you have not really given up anything. In fact, you can stay on this FCC diet all the time because its not really a diet but rather a nutritional strategy.

Is there anything magic about the FCC diet? Probably not. Its probably just a clever way to give people the benefit of low carb diets while eliminating the negative effects. If you are having trouble losing fat by other methods, this could be the combination of techniques needed for your success. Its possible that simply a nutritional plan that removes all processed carbs would work just as well for some people. If you think fat carb cycling is just a passing fad then choose any of the other meal plans listed in the "Meal Planners" section in the menu above as those only have high quality complex carbs like legumes and oats - no processed carbs at all.

Meal composition in the FCC diet

There are a lot of ways to build a good FCC diet, lets look at the ways you can separate the fat and carbs to accomplish fat carb cycling:
  1. Use a keto nutritional plan and have high carb snacks. Fruit would be the optimal carb source not only because its convenient but because of the vitamins, anti-oxidants, and fiber that can be difficult to get in keto nutritional plans. Fruit is also very high on the satiety index.
  2. Use a very low fat nutritional plan and then for snacks have your fats. In this case, the obvious choice would be nuts. Nuts are awesome because they keep forever, are convenient, are inexpensive, and have nutrients and vitamins. Cheese seems to satisfy hunger better but is not as practical for snacks.
  3. The last method does not rely on snack but simply in the composition of the meals. This method is a lot more practical for many people. In this method we have meals during the day that are either very low in carbs (keto) or very low in fat.

Carb timing in the Fat Carb Cycling (FCC) Diet

Carbs are really good to have early in the day to get you that energy you need for the day. Carbs at night are really a bad thing for those trying to lose fat because you don't need the energy when you sleep, you need it during the day when you are running around. For this reason, in the below chart you will find the last meals of the day have the fat and protein rather than the carbs. Lets look at how the carbs and fat are distributed in this FCC diet based on the number of meals you have per day:

-------- MEALS PER DAY -------
    3    4    5    6    
Meal 1  carbcarbcarbcarb
Meal 2  fatfatfatfat
Meal 3  fatcarbcarbcarb
Meal 4  ----fatfatcarb
Meal 5  --------fatfat
Meal 6  ------------fat

Meals used in the Fat Carb Cycling (FCC) Diet

high fat, low carb meals:
Spinach salad with salmon
Chicken and cheesy spinach
low carb beef hash

High carb, low fat meals:
Yogurt and goji berries
ground turkey hash and orange
Chocolate vegan protein shake
oatmeal, protein shake, and apple
beasty beans and apple
Note that these meals try to incorporate as many of the foods with high satiety index as possible.
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